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See above? That's my new motto. At least I want it to be. Time will tell if I'm able to live up to it.

I spent the day being cultural at the Black in Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria. I was in fashion heaven, especailly when confronted with the Dior cocktail dress. OMG! There is also a Chanel suit on display that came from one of the collections at my work, and when it comes back I'm going to force best work friend to let me fondle it for a while before she puts it back into storage ;~)

Supernatural was on the agenda when I finally got home, and cut for spoilers for Ghostfacers, even though I imagine most of you have already seen it.Collapse )

OMG, how long is it before the next episode???

I made the yummiest dinner tonight: sausages braised in tomatoes with mashed potato. So very delicious and dead easy to prepare as well.

Cut for waffling about sausages and mashCollapse )

After dinner I did a spot of sewing, however I've come to the conclusion that this current dress is not going to work and I should scrap it now before I get in too deep. While I was looking at a Francis Bacon painting at the gallery today, the caption told me that he would often abandon or even destroy canvasses that he felt weren't good enough, and I think the ability to not be afraid to move on if something isn't working is one I should cultivate. Sure it's a waste of materials, but I can potentially resurrect the skirt, and as it is this dress simply will not work so I need to acknowledge that and move on.

I should go to bed. I have a meeting first thing and I need my beauty sleep after a hectic weekend. And yet...

*clicks on another link to see where it will take me*
Dean Winchester
"Some days, Casey, you take all those pies in the face, and it's all worth it..."
"And some days, you just stand there, hip deep in pie."
7th-Jun-2008 10:53 am - things to do on a saturday
How is it that I have to do laundry again? I only just got the last lot cleared away and now I have more? And I have to vacuum and wash the kitchen floor. Why do I not have a housekeeper, that's what I want to know.

The (older) Aussies on my flist will appreciate this: Yesterday I ran into Terry Norris in a bakery in Surrey Hills! Yes, Cop Shop's Sergeant O'Reilly himself. He's well into his 70's these days, but still very rakish and charming and the lady who served me after him said he's one of her best customers!

Star struck? Me??

Somehow I've managed to use up all the credit on my mobile phone. Not sure how I did that because last time a checked I had around $50 left to use. I don't think I've drunk dialed anyone lately, and while I do send a lot of texts, I don't send that many. It's an absolute mystery and to top it all off, now I have to buy more credit :~(

On my to-do list for today is:
  • Ride bike over to Northcote Plaza to purchase grocery items and cheap black tank top to wear under the top I made last night
  • Possibly purchase glittery eyeshadow to wear to the CD launch tonight
  • Definitely purchase credit for my phone
  • Do more laundry
  • Work on the dress I'm making
  • Vacuum my living room carpet because it's covered in scraps of sewing cotton and snippets of fabric
  • Have a panic attack about what I'm wearing tonight, change my mind three times then end up wearing what I'd originally planned to
  • Change the sheets on my bed
That's enough to be going on with, don't you think?
Cabbage of True Love
OMG, Supernatural is back on TV this Sunday and I am so very very excited, except for how I'm not looking forward to all the angst. But still, very very excited!!

*bounces with glee*

It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend this Monday, so of course I did the sensible thing and took today off as well. I had a leisurely breakfast, did a spot of sewing and then spent most of the afternoon trawling around opp shops in Balwyn and Surrey Hills. On the way home I dropped into Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg where I spent an outrageous amount of money on two 'statement' buttons for a dress I'm making. I also did a spot of shopping at the expensive yet fabulous fabric shop near Ivanhoe Grammar, and now I have a wonderful wool jersey top with grosgrain ribbon bow detail to wear to the CD launch I'm going to tomorrow night.

I have decided that wool jersey is my new favourite stretch fabric to sew with. Making this top was an absolute dream and I had none of the problems I normally have with stretch fabrics. Well, I did have pone problem in that I cut it a little too big, but I took it in at the sides and viola! Problem solved \o/

Is it possible to have too much moussaka? I think it is possible to have too much moussaka considering how full I'm feeling at the moment. But I found this great recipe that includes roasted red capsicum and zucchinis as well as eggplant and it's sooooo very yummy! But now I'm thinking the two and a half helpings were a little too much :~(

I now have very elegant eyebrows and eyelashes you can actually see thanks to a quick trip to the beauty salon this evening. My eyelashes are so pale you can hardly see them if I don't wear mascara everyday, but some days I can't be bothered with the hassle. But now they're a nice dark brown and my eyebrows (which are going gray, BTW!!!!) are light brown and have a wonderful curve. I feel like a whole new woman!

Ugh, my tummy really isn't liking the large amounts of moussaka. I think I need a Rennie. No, not THAT Rennie, although if CKR was to turn up on my doorstep bearing antacids I wouldn't turn him away ;~)
3rd-Jun-2008 10:44 pm - sombody stop me!
I experimented with muffins tonight. I'm not sure they turned out quite the way I expected them to, but they're edible so I guess that's something.

My mission to purchase a char-grey turtleneck jumper like the black one I bought a couple of months ago from the Country Road pre-sale sale was a complete success. At first I thought I was going to fail, because while they had plenty of charcoal turtlenecks, they didn't seem to have any in the style or size I was after. But finally I found one lonely little medium amongst a slew of extra smalls and extra larges and I knew it was meant to be. Plus, with the discount on the sale price it was practically half price!

Okay, someone please stop me because now I must have these:


I'm insane, I really am, and yet the shoes are calling me...

Good grief, when did it suddenly become almost 11.30pm?

At least I finally folded my laundry tonight. Only took me *coff* weeks days.

3rd-Jun-2008 04:39 pm - party feet
Dean Winchester
My new shoes have both proved to be highly a successful purchase. I have these on today, and after initial misgivings about their width they have stretched quite comfortably and the heel is a dream. Yesterday I wore these, and while not quite as comfortable as the former, they were eminently wearable and will only improve with the judicious application of a set of Party Feet. Don'tcha just love it when a bargain proves to be true value for money?

Meanwhile the work day has been enlivened by a spirited email conversation with members of my old Buffy email list about the AfterElton Hot 100 list. Jensen gets a very nice write-up for his spot at #13, and Jared is no slouch at #43. Of course kudos must go to Gareth David-Lloyd for the ultimate quote of the week:

"I understand I'm underneath John Barrowman, which seems to happen quite a lot. Maybe, next year, Ianto can be on top." — Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood

How can you resist that?!

But it's not all fun and cute boys. I have been super efficient today and have ordered-up a storm, as well as made a number of important manager-type decisions. So much so that I am going to treat myself to the Country Road cardholders pre-sale sale after I go to gym. I need a nice new char-grey turtleneck to go with my nice new shoes.

Really, I do!
31st-May-2008 09:35 pm - what kind of day has it been?
Beautiful Shoes
8.30am - Laylee arises from her bed, makes poached egg on toast and a cup of Daintree and lavender tea for breakfast and consumes them while perusing her flist with the TV on in the background.

10.00am - Laylee decides it's time to get a move on and goes to have a shower. She washes her hair and contemplations her plans for the day while waiting for the conditioner to do it's thing.

10.30am - Laylee is dressed and is hanging the load of laundry she did the day before on the clothesline. While she's downstairs she collects the newspaper from the letterbox, and when she returns inside she puts on another load of laundry finishes skimming her flist.

11.00am - Laylee decides it's time to get going and goes to shut down her laptop, only to be thwarted when Norton decides that now would be a good time to download an update. Laylee glances through the newspaper while she waits for technology to do it's thing.

11.20am - Laylee collects her chattels and finally leaves the house. She says good morning to the neighbour who is hanging her own laundry on the communal clothesline and gets her bike out of the storeroom. Ten minutes later she's good to go.

11.50am - Laylee stops near the Dan O'Connell hotel to take off a layer. The day is balmier than expected for the last day of autumn and she always warms up quickly while cycling.

12.20pm - Laylee is in Lygon street, coffee in hand and on her way to try a dress on at Diana Ferrari, as well as make a payment on a lay-by (a natty tweed shift for work) that she has there. The dress doesn't suit her, so there's $170 saved, and the payment is made. She finishes her coffee and has a bit more of a wander around before leaving for the CBD.

12.57pm - Laylee is texting people while waiting for her Beijing dumplings at the Grand Asia cafe in the Target Centre. Six pairs of cotton undies have been procured from Targét, as has the latest Big Issue from the chap selling them near where she parked her bike. The dumplings are yummy but she can't finish them all, and when she's done she goes to look at the shoe shop next to the 'adult centre' in Swanston Street. The shoes are cute, but not cute enough to spend money on.

1.47pm - Laylee is texting O to see if he wants to catch up for coffee when he finished work at 2.15. O does, so she goes to pick up her other lay-by (two pairs of work pants and a jumper) at Brown Sugar in Flinders Lane, avoids another shoe shop where she would definitely spend money, and then makes her way up to Queen Street to meet O.

2.35pm - Laylee and O are having coffee and raspberry cream biscuits in the food hall at David Jones. There are many expensively dressed people around, and O is all enthused about being confirmed in his new job and his pending visit to his family in Russia. We both agree that C's new boyfriend is a twat, and wonder how A is going at the matinée of the amateur production of Beauty and the Beast that he is attending because his dad is working behind the scenes on it.

2.50pm - Laylee and O wander across to Emporio so Laylee can look at shoes. She spies a pair that would be great for work and tries them on. The 9 is that little too small so she tries a 10, but they're too big. They don't do half sizes in this style, the sales girl informs her with scant interest now that she realises that Laylee's not buying them, before gathering her shoes and spiriting them back to the storeroom. O and Laylee exchange a look and leave.

2.55pm - Laylee and O part company and Laylee makes her way up Elizabeth Street, which merges into Royal Parade and then into Sydney Road. Laylee parks her bike outside Tru Blue Shoes and battles her way through the seething throng of women on the hunt for bargain footwear. There's almost too much to chose from, and not everything is available in her size (which is probably just as well), but eventually Laylee settles on these and these. Laylee loves her new shoes.

4.15pm - Laylee arrives at Spotlight to purchase a zip and some bias binding to finish the skirt she's been making. La Manna Fresh fruit and veg shop is next where she buys pumpkin and celery for the curry she wants to make for dinner, and banananananas because she ate the last one in the fruit bowl three days ago. Laylee begins to wonder how she's going to fit shoes, pumpkin, banananananas, undies, pants and a jumper into her panniers.

5.00pm - Laylee arrives at Northcote Plaza, the final destination on her list. At K-Mart she shells out yet more money on another lay-by (two tops and a bike helmet) and purchases turmeric, conditioner, an avocado and a Wagon Wheel at Coles. She's about to leave when she notices that the discount clothes shop is still open, so she runs in and buys two $6 tank tops to wear under her new jumper.

5.30pm - Laylee tries to load the last of her purchases into her panniers, but not everything will fit thanks to all the shoes. So she hangs the bag with the fruit and veg on her handlebars, switches on her flashy lights, dons her glow-in-the-dark cycling vest and finally heads home.

5.47pm - Laylee arrives home, pooped and poor, but thinking that it's been a really great day!
27th-Jan-2008 12:05 pm - so much to do, so little to watch
Cabbage of True Love
I had a date with a bottle of hair dye last night. My hair is now very red. Well, redder than usual.

I have this urge to drive out to Elsternwick and buy bagels from Glick's. I could go to the bagel shop near my gym in Fitzroy, but I still haven't forgiven them for discontinuing my favourite bagel (egg and chive) and the ones at Glick's come in all sorts of pretty shapes. Plus, I can get their yummy egg and salad bagel for lunch!

I've nearly run out of West Wing episodes to watch. Sort of. I have seasons one, six and seven at home, and my sister and the B-I-L have everything else in between. In the old home town. Only they've gone away for the long weekend so I can't even zip up for a quick visit and retrieve the ones they've finished with. They also have my My Life as a Dog DVDs, and some of my Buffy DVDs, while Best Work Friend has some of my Angel DVDs. I do have to finish watching the third season of Angel, and I could also watch Supernatural or due South, but dammit I really want to the going with The West Wing!

I suppose I could always do housework. Or not. Cos really, it's a long weekend!
26th-Jan-2008 07:55 pm - my new tv boyfriend
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester!

I approve of this TV boyfriend, yes indeed.

I bought some new nail polish and my toenails are now the palest pink. I also went out for coffee with a and wandered around Piedimonte's supermarket in North Fitzroy and bought all this wonderful food. I am now watching more West Wing because it seems like the appropriate thing to do. Sometimes I am so easily pleased.

I'm waiting for a Norton update to download. It's bloody boring, I can tell you.

Happy Australia Day everyone!
26th-Jan-2008 07:32 pm - pondering my world
 I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks while I watch In Excelsis Deo, because what else does one do when one watched one of the best episodes of The West Wing ever?

I am still feeling profoundly sad about Heath Ledger. I don't know why. Aside from Brokeback Mountain, in which I thought he was tremendous, I was never a big fan of his work and I didn't take much notice of him. But he's been on my mind all week long and I just wish I could somehow turn back time and give everyone a do-over. I feel so sorry for his family who loved him so much, and for his daughter who will never really know him outside of his film and television work, family photographs and their own memories. I don't believe we had seen his best work as an actor, and despite the personal demons he was reportedly wrestling with, I do believe this was little more than a tragic accident.

But this whole thing has also been making me think about my own life; about opportunities missed and risks not taken. From everything that I've read about him in the last few days, it was obvious that Heath never ceased to go after what he wanted out of life and I truly admire that in a person. I have always erred on the side of caution out of fear of being hurt or being told that I'm not good enough. Now I wish I had been more adventurous in my teens and twenties and pursued the things I really wanted to do rather than allowing other peoples' opinions and my own timidity to influence my decisions. I don't hate my life, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it either because I know I could have done so much more and I didn't because I was stupidly scared of the unknown. I can still change things around, I know it's not too late, but I can't help but wonder where I would be today if I'd let myself take the risks and had been brave enough to face the possibility of rejection. Because who knows? They might have also said yes, we want you!
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